Al-Waer: Assad regime’s only condition is evacuation

Orient Net 2016-08-29 17:46:00

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The local committee of negotiations held a meeting on Monday with Assad regime’s security committee in Homs. The long hours of negotiations ended in halting Assad regime’s airstrikes for 48 hours, Orient Net learnt from special sources.

Earlier this week, the local committee of negotiations passed a statement in which it called upon the UN envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistrua and the UN Human Rights Committee to put pressure on Assad regime to halt military escalation which aims at changing the demographic make-up of residents in Homs through pursuing the policy of forced evacuation from the neighborhood. 

Meanwhile, the local committee member Abo al-Waleed has said Assad regime aims at repeating the scenario of what happened in the Old Homs in evacuating al-Waer. 

Abo al-Waleed also pointed out that a meeting was held on the 24 of August in which Assad regime’s representatives said that the "armed men" (opposition fighters) and their families have to leave al-Waer. 

When Abo al-Waleed asked for the fate of the detainees in Assad detention centres, Assad representatives answered the detainees’ file has to be forgotten.   

“We are confident that Assad regime wants to evacuate al-Waer neighborhood because its security committee has refused discussing anything else.

It is worth reminding that a deal was reached earlier this month and will see some 2,000 opposition fighters and their families leave the besieged al-Waer neighborhood of Homs city, once dubbed ’the capital of the revolution’.

Al-Waer has been under Assad regime’s siege for more than three years, with residents of the opposition-held area deprived of food and aid supplies while also being prevented from leaving due to heavy shelling and bombardment in addition to the siege laid on the area.