Hama: Opposition launches offensive on Assad checkpoints

Orient Net 2016-08-29 08:23:00

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Jays al-Ezza, a main opposition fighting group in Hama countryside, announced on Monday launching a major offensive on Assad terrorists’ checkpoints.   

The group published a video in which one of the fighters appears saying: "Preliminary shelling on Assad terrorists’ checkpoints in Hama northern countryside by our medium artillery has started."


The offensive came after a significant progress achieved by the opposition in the area, where al-Masasneh village and many Assad terrorists’ checkpoints were captured, including al-Kherbeh, al-Kheyam, al-Saro and al-Madajen. 

Burning tires helped opposition fighters in veiling Assad regime’s warplanes whose terrorists attacked attacked areas far from residential buildings.

Large amounts of ammunition and weapons were seized in the offensive which was announced to support opposition in Aleppo.