Opposition captures number of SDF militants after clashes in Aleppo

Opposition captures number of SDF militants after clashes in Aleppo
The media office of opposition’s al-Sham Corps published on Sunday photos showing captives from Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) who were captured during opposition fighting with SDF to south of Jarablus in Aleppo eastern countryside.


Factions working together under Euphrates Shield operations room were able to captivate a number of SDF militants after a well-planned ambush in the village of Kara Graf, south of Jarablus, according to Orient News correspondent.

In a similar context, opposition fighters were able to control Ein al-Baida, al-Amarneh, Dabes, Bier Kusa, Blaban, al-Hajjaj al-Janoubi, and al-Khirbeh, to the south of Jarablus after Clashes with SDF as a part of Operation Euphrates Shield.

Meanwhile, opposition fighters in Huwar Kilis operations room were on Sunday able to control the villages of Karsinli and Ayyasha to the east of al-Raa’i town after fighting with ISIS terror organization.

The organization attempted, yesterday on Saturday, to re-capture the strategic al-Raa’i town, but opposition fighters were able to repel its attack, killing a number of its militants.



It is worth mentioning that many Free Syrian Army factions including Division 13, Mountain Falcons Brigade, Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement, and Sultan Murad Brigade launched last Wednesday Operation Euphrates Shield aimed at kicking ISIS out of Jarablus, backed by Turkish ground troops and U.S.-led coalition jet fighters.

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