Assad commander killed in Aleppo, opposition repels attacks

Assad commander killed in Aleppo, opposition repels attacks
Many pro-Assad social media pages published Saturday evening news about the death of the commander of the Artillery College, Brigadier General Assif Kheir Bey.

Preliminary information said that Kheir Bey suffered a deadly injury during his participation with the fighting in al-Ramoseh, to the south of Aleppo. Kheir Bey was considered one of the most significant Assad commanders. His hometown is al-Qardaha (Assad’s hometown).'>

In a similar context, opposition fighters foiled Assad terrorists’ advancement attempts on the fronts of Tanneries and Ramoseh neighborhoods. Opposition destroyed Assad T72 tank and BMP vehicle in the surroundings of the Aeronautics School, killing and injuring a number of Assad terrorists.

This coincided with aerial bombardment by Assad warplanes on many Aleppo and Aleppo countryside’s towns and cities, according to Sham News Network.

Meanwhile, Jabhat Fatth al-Sham published on Saturday a video footage showing how Assad terrorists’ storming attempt of  Aeronautics School in Aleppo was foiled. The video also showed how Assad terrorists were killed by Jabhat Fatth al-Sham’s snipers, while others ran away.


A number of Assad tanks were also destroyed during Fatth al-Sham’s storming of a building which Assad terrorists were fortified in.

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