New military formation to fight SDF in Raqqa

Orient Net 2016-08-26 10:12:00

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A number of Arab and Turkmen tribesmen in al-Raqqa city declared on Friday establishing a new military formation, under the name of al-Qadisyya Companies, to fight Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) in the areas where the latter controls.

The constituent statement of al-Qadisyya Companies said that they will target SDF militia in retaliation for their practices and atrocities of arrest and displacement. The Companies also vowed to use silencer-equipped personal weapons and explosive devices to target the cars belonging to the Kurdish units.

The newly-formed companies requested civilians to keep away from SDF’s positions, assembly points, and checkpoints to guarantee their safety.

Any member in People’s Protection Units (YPG) will also be a target for the companies and will be killed wherever found, according to the statement.

The statement confirmed that, “We will go on until we liberate our land from the filth of the separatists who are seeking to displace us and divide our land.” 

The new companies will be deployed as small groups which will execute special military operations using explosive devices and personal weapons equipped with silencers against YPG leaders in the area.