Doctors treat patient on mobile phone torchlight in Madaya

A video footage, filmed in Madaya town in Damascus countryside and published on Tuesday by activists, showed medical cadre in the town trying to save the young man Ali al-Dalati, after being snipped by Hezbollah militia on a check point on the outskirts of the town, while one of them is using mobile phone torchlight to illuminate the room. The young man eventually lost his life. 

Activists said that Hezbollah terrorists present at the checkpoints surrounding Madaya are on high alert, while snipping cases and opening medium machine guns fire on the town continue.

Around 40 thousand civilians in Madaya town and its neighboring villages are suffering difficult humanitarian conditions because of the siege laid on the area by Assad terrorists and Hezbollah militia for more than a year and a half.

Despite signing a truce between opposition fighters and Assad regime, the latter continues to prevent allowing humanitarian and medical aid in and refuses allowing chronic cases out.

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