Pro-regime journalist talks about Assad terrorists-Asayish ceasefire

Orient Net 2016-08-21 15:58:00

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Only two weeks after fighting between Assad terrorists and the Democratic Union Party (PYD)-affiliated Asayish in al-Hasaka, the two sides agreed on ceasing the fighting, Sunday, according to sources.

The pro-regime journalist, Hussein Mortada, published on his personal Facebook page what he called “the clauses of the cessation of hostilities” in al-Hasaka, saying that the agreement is to start on Sunday at 5 pm.

The clauses also included evacuating the bodies and transporting the injured to al-Qamishli hospitals, Mortada added in his post. He also said that military positions are to go back to how they were before the clashes.

Another clause, according to Mortada, is returning to negotiations table on Monday in al-Qamishli airport with the presence of all sides, in addition to the Iranians and the Russians.

Fighting renewed on Sunday between Assad terrorists and Asayish in al-Hasaka. And the regime’s governor of al-Hasaka said, “In order for the quiet to return to al-Hasaka, we call on PYD officials to negotiate, and solve the problem on negotiation table.”

These developments come after news of Russian mediation between the two sides was spread, as a Russian officer arrived in al-Qamishli to end the clashes between the two on Saturday.