On 3rd anniversary of chemical massacre: Syrians demand holding Assad accountable

Orient Net 2016-08-21 13:44:00

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As today marks the third anniversary of the chemical massacre in Damascus’ eastern Ghouta, many Syrians inside and outside Syria took to the streets commemorating the martyrs and demanding the killer, Bashar Assad, to be held accountable.

A group of Syrians gathered in Istanbul holding photos of the martyrs and banners demanding the international community to act and stop the killing machine of Bashar Assad and his regime from killing Syrians.


Inside Syria, in Douma, the residents of the city assembled holding the flag of the Syrian revolution and banners with slogans demanding Assad to be brought to justice.


The banner reads, "3 years have lapsed, yet the criminal is still free"

Syrian children in a number of Syrian cities also gathered to protest that Assad is still free and continues to kill more and more Syrians, unchecked.

Children in Aleppo posed in front wreckage of destroyed houses holding signs blaming the international community.



In Latakia, also, children held signs demanding the international community to act.



The signs read, "In the third anniversary of the massacre of chemicals, Assad is free under international patronage"

In al-Quneitra, this shy little girl held a sign that reads, "Justice first ... hold the criminal accountable"


It is worthy to mention that in the chemical massacre of 2013 in eastern Ghouta, more than 1500 civilians lost their lives after Assad regime targeted a number of towns in eastern Ghouta with chemical weapons.

Photos credit: RFS