Cases of suicide attempts in besieged Madaya

Cases of suicide attempts in besieged Madaya
Despite the lack of recent media coverage, the city of Madaya, in the western countryside of Damascus, continues to suffer under a long term siege by Assad terrorists and their Hezbollah allies. 

The United Nations claims that it is providing assistance to the people who suffer the horrors caused by the siege, but residents trapped there aren’t seeing it.

The severity of the conditions they are forced to live under due to the deliberate siege that has maliciously isolated them from the rest of the world has resulted in the prevalence of severe depression among the people of the city. 

Doctors in the city have estimated the number of residents suffering from severe mental injury illnesses to be about 500.

Orient Net also received information about 12 suicide attempts by some of the citizens because of their complete loss of hope. 

One of those cases is a boy, 17-year-old, who appeared in front of the camera engulfed in smoke talking about his father who disappeared five years ago in Damascus. He has not been able to learn anything about what happened to him since.

After three years, he also lost his older brother who had stepped into his missing father’s shoes and became like a father to him and took care of his mother and younger siblings. 

After his brother’s death, he took upon himself the responsibility of working to provide what remained of his family with the necessities of life.

But since the imposition of the blockade on the city he no longer knows what to do.

With all roads closed in his face, he saw no way in front of him for fulfilling the responsibilities that had been forced upon him at such an early age.

So in a sever state of hopelessness and despair, the young man ascended to the roof of the house and threw himself on the road. 

But much to his dismay, he did not die. 

He recalls this part of his story with a sigh, because he really wanted to die. 

Instead he survived and was taken to a field hospital where he received treatment and was then released.

While it is true that he did not die on that day, the tragedy of his life will continue to play out day after day causing him to die inch by inch as long as Hezbollah continues to impose its intentionally malicious isolation siege on Madaya and as long as the United Nations continues its game of deception and endless hypocrisy.

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