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If ISIS mission ends, what is next?

Orient Net - Al-Hayat 2016-08-18 09:13:00

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Mohammed al-Fal in his article in al-Hayat wondered how ISIS was created and who planned its existence and supported it till it became a ball of fire which everyone wanted to avoid.

Al-Fal argues that ISIS enabled Iran to intervene in Iraq and to support Assad in Syria under the pretext of combating terrorism. ISIS also gave the super powers the chance to reach understanding on their interests in the region.

The writer wonders what is next after ISIS mission is over.

Will Iraq fall in Iran’s hands? What will happen to Sunni Arabs there? Will Baghdad sectarian policy make them an incubator of ISIS to form a resistance to protect themselves? Will Syria be divided when ISIS is gone? The writer asks.

The US policy since 2003 supported the independence of Kurdistan. With the division of Iraq and the increase influence of Iran, the Kurds seized the chance and achieved some of their dreams in founding an entity that gathers all Kurds on one land, the writer argued and added that war in Syria made the Kurds more ambitious.

The nearby countries object the project of Greater Kurdistan for security concerns and the super powers used to understand this, al-Fal said and confirmed that the resulting division cannot lead to the establishment of intact entities but it only leads to more chaos, revenge and wars.

Al-Fal concluded that ISIS made the dreams of those who wanted to divide the Arab area come true in that they imposed their domination and that ending ISIS mission will be in the interests of many.