When Hezbollah channels Donald Trump

Orient Net - Al Arabiya English 2016-08-17 09:56:00

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In her article on Al-Arabiya English, Joyce Karam talks about how Hezbollah utilized Trump’s statement that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton founded ISIS.

Karam starts her article by saying that even if ‘politics makes strange bedfellows,’ when Hezbollah echoes Trump, this should be a wake up call for the Republican Party on how reckless their nominee is.

She then adds that Trump’s claim made many sympathizers, extremist propagandists and anti-American zealots circulate that US is acknowledging that it created ISIS. 

“For Hezbollah, Trump’s narrative serves three purposes, one in validating that America is the root of all evil in the Middle East, two that the party is fighting both Uncle Sam and ISIS, and three it lays the ground to attack Clinton if she were to win the Presidency,” Karam suggests.

Karam then says that the American audience is used to Trump’s rhetoric; however, for those on the receiving end in the Middle East, his rhetoric triggers anti-American reactions and is often taken as a reflection on the United States as a whole.

“From the very early days of his campaign, Trump’s trash talking of Muslims was seen by some in the region, already suspicious of the United States, as a mirror of true America,” the author states.

The author thinks that it is ironic for the 2016 Presidential nominee of the Party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan to become a point of reference for Hezbollah.

She adds, “Trump may never realize this, but sarcasm, and erratic behavior are not in the playbook of how the Middle East interprets the United States.” 

Karam concludes her article saying that Trump’s claims that the US created ISIS will only enforce negativity and undermine US interests “long after one election.”