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On Tartous and Jableh

Orient Net - Al-Hayat 2016-05-24 08:03:00

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The frenzy killing in the coastal region in Syria opens a new phase of the ongoing five yearlong slaughter. This phase can be bloodier and darker than before. 

The civilian causalities targeted by the attacks which ISIS claimed responsibility for paid their lives for the unsolvable and stubborn crisis that is deepening day by day.

Let’s leave the arena of exchanging accusations of being responsible for killing tens of civilians in the cities of Tartous and Jableh and the disgraceful gloating and rejoice towards turning civilians into pieces of blood and flesh and let’s avoid holding the victims the burdens and results of the regime’s policy since all such assessments will only make the rift deeper between Syrians themselves. 

However, the name of those behind the attacks might be insignificant since the proofs are very clear on mutual business and coordination between ISIS and Assad regime.

Apart from being true or false and naming the ones behind the attacks, there is no doubt that such complicated attacks need good and extended preparation in addition to considerable logistic support that indicates a willingness to use these attacks in security considerations. Such a use in regime’s stronghold shows the blockade of the political process. 

In terms of the political solution which has rotten and after three rounds of talks, the track of the settlement didn’t move a step forward. The clear thing about this is that Assad regime and its allies are not after a political solution and are still looking for defeating the opposition militarily leaving ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliated groups to dominate and proliferate.

Those attacks on Tartous and Jablah will deepen the mutual sectarian hatred and charge the discourse of fear. They will extend this mad running inside the vicious circle of killing and revenge, given that the main slayer still has many cards to play in order to change his rivals into similar slayers.   

Hussam Itani in Al-Hayat

Translated by Orient Net English