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This is our situation: We are nationals of “Hezbollah State”

Orient Net - Al-Hayat 2016-05-22 10:51:00

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Hazem al-Ameen starts his article Al-Hayat by stating that as the US government began implementing financial sanctions against Hezbollah, Lebanon discovered that its entire banking system is threatened.

The writer explains saying that Lebanon has dived into a tough situation since Lebanon and Hezbollah have become relatively difficult to differentiate from each other. The Lebanese government’s main task is to stand as a protective wall for the party. 

For example, the Lebanese government had to deal with Hezbollah’s cancellation of borders with Syria and its opening of fighting fronts without calculating the grave consequences. Once again now, Lebanese government must deal with the consequences of US sanctions against Hezbollah. Otherwise, its banking sector might collapse, the writer further explains.

“Hezbollah has become our largest partner in everything,” the writer says, explaining that “those killed in Syria, are our dead; and the borders that Hezbollah decided to open, are our borders.”

“It is no longer possible to set up a border between us and Hezbollah; it became our state against our own will. It won us and now we are at risk of the same thing that seeks it harm,” he adds.

“If Hezbollah is trapped then so are we!” the writer explains frantically, explaining that the Lebanese banks, government, borders and airport are at the service of Hezbollah.

The writer then explains that there is no exaggeration in what he says because the US sanctions have shown how deeply infiltrated Hezbollah is in Lebanon’s institutions. 

“Yes, we are fighting in Syria in defense of Assad for the party is part of a pop-up parliament of a government that we elected and we thought that it competed with the party in the elections and won it. So, we are not innocent of the task,” he says.

The writer then argues that Lebanon is currently living in a different world than its reality. What is the importance of fighting for certain parties to win the election when Hezbollah is destroying Lebanon piece by piece?

The writer concludes: “The party is continuing on its self-designed path and the dangers that we will face because of it will not stop Hezbollah from continuing its original plan. The party has never taken us into consideration, not even once, and informed us to where it will be heading and to where it will drag Lebanon… This is our situation, we are nationals of that Hezbollah State.”

Hazem al-Ameen in Al-Hayat