Jumblatt: No danger of settlement in Lebanon

Orient Net - Agencies 2016-05-21 05:14:00

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In his word, on Friday in Kuwait, MP Walid Jumblatt highlighted the necessity to respect the laws of Kuwait, hoping Kuwaitis would return to Lebanon.

Jumblatt mainly warded off fears of settlement of refugees, deploring what he termed as "racist positions against the Syrian people."

Jumblat reassured that Syrian refugees will not be naturalized in Lebanon, after a report prepared by U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon sparked concerns in the country.

“It is our ethical and political duty to host the Syrian refugees, especially that Syrians will return to Syria when a solution looms there,” Jumblat said during a meeting with Lebanese expats at the Lebanese embassy in Kuwait.

“There is no threat of naturalization in Lebanon and we can organize things until a political solution is reached,” he added.

Media reports had quoted Ban Ki-moon as saying that refugees have the right to obtain the nationalities of the countries they live in.

The reports drew responses from the Lebanese ministerial cell on refugees and the Lebanese cabinet, which announced Thursday that it unanimously rejects any attempt to naturalize Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Naharnet reported.