Mutual accusations in Vienna and Kerry suggests a parliamentarian system

Orient Net - Al-Hayat 2016-05-20 11:20:00

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Syrian journalist Ibrahim Hamidi writes in Al-Hayat about how the five-hour meeting between ministers of the International Syria Support Group uncovered the big gap between the American-Russian agenda and the regional track which made, according to Hamidi, setting the first of August as a date for political transition subject to many challenges turning July into a pivotal month for going either for the political track or the military solution. 

The remarkable development is Kerry’s suggestion of “parliamentarian system” as a new model for “New Syria” amid revival of the term “transitional governing body” in the regional and international documents. 

Hamidi said that some participants in the meetings reported that the meeting witnessed mutual accusations among the 21 ministers -- after Japan, Australia, Spain and Canada joined the group. This atmosphere pushed the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini to say that those accusations were repeated for the fifth time during the ministerial meetings since the start of Vienna meetings last year.

The first argument was between Turkish foreign minister and his Russia counterpart who accused the former of supporting ISIS who in return defied the latter to prove that promising to submit his resignation in case Russia’s foreign minister succeeded to prove his claims. 

The second argument took place between Iran’s foreign minister and some Arab foreign ministers about Iran’s support of Shia militias. Hamidi continues speaking about the third argument which focused on Al-Nusra and the need to disconnect it from Al-Qaeda or any terrorist groups. 

In relation to humanitarian issues, the British Foreign Affairs Philip Hammond and his European counterparts succeeded in including a suggestion about an Air Bridge through which relief aid will be dropped on besieged areas. 

Hamidi moved then to Lavrov who kept silent while Kerry spent the time talking about points of agreements. It was interesting that Kerry suggested a “parliamentarian system” instead of the “presidential system” though Russia didn’t agree with such a proposal. 

Hamidi said in the end of his report that de Mistura is still hoping to hold a new round of talks in Geneva at the end of this month adding that despite the slow movement he still feels comfortable that many negotiations can be launched at the same time.    


Ibrahim Hamidi in Al-Hayat 

Translated by Orient Net English