Assad regime escalates attacks in Damascus western countryside

Assad regime escalates attacks in Damascus western countryside
Intense clashes broke out at dawn on Wednesday between the opposition and Assad terrorists on the southern front of Darayya city in Damascus western countryside, as Khan al-Sheih’s fronts in the western side of the countryside witness an intense escalation of air strikes by Assad jets and helicopters which targeted a field hospital in the city.

Activists reported that the opposition were able after clashes which lasted for 16 hours to recover buildings in the town of Darayya which had fallen under the control of Assad terrorists and Iraqi Shia mercenaries on Tuesday.

In addition, opposition fighters managed to destroy a military vehicle.

The clashes on the southern front of the city resulted in  killing of six Assad terrorists and injuring others.

Meanwhile, in Khan al-Sheeh, for the second day in a row, Assad regime terrorists tried to break into the town where violent clashes took place.

In the meantime, helicopters intensified their air raids and dropped 30 barrel bombs on Khan al-Sheeh.

Further, Russian warplanes targeted the area with 6 air strikes which resulted in injuring four people.

The last field hospital in Khan al-Sheeh was bombed with barrel bombs. Significant damage was inflicted in the building.

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