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Russian “wisdom”… and the clown

Orient Net - al-Hayat 2016-05-18 11:13:00

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The author begins by stating that watching out for the American and European incitement disease, one will know the thugs, lunatics and victims.

He then argues sarcastically that one should take the insight from the Russians; their airstrikes have improved Syria’s situation and that they have until now, not managed to identify the difference between the moderate opposition and the terrorists.

The author proposes the question lingering in the minds of many Syrians: “Why does the world hate us and collude against us?” He argues that the question has another side, and as the Assad regime and its allies are the reason for this complicity, ISIS has become a time bomb on the necks of Arabs and Muslims around the world.

Further, he states, after the Arabs received their share of the uprisings, a voice rises in America inciting an uprising against the Muslims in the US, the Kremlin insists that those raising the banner of caliphate are the only cause of the world’s scourge and the Europeans warn that their continent has been eroded under a new flood of refugees.

The author continues by arguing that Russia wants a military uprising against those who “seek to establish a caliphate stretching from Portugal to Pakistan” – according to FM Sergei Lavrov, as a mindless clown – Donald Trump – insists that Muslims must rise up in the US and aid in delivering every “suspected” Muslim to the police. Trump gained an upper hand in the US elections when he publicly opposed to halt the Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands which immediately won him the support of the Jewish lobby.

“Where is the justice for the Arabs and Muslims?” the author asks… It’s the era of madmen, instigators and populists who are renovating the walls of hatred between the north and south, the Christian and Muslim and between the Christian and the “suspect.” In addition, Europe – which also tasted ISIS’ terrorism – began to change, and the flood of refugees last year was the golden opportunity for the far-right political parties to renew their popularity.

The author states: Arab maps burn while a unified map of Europe is under the blows of terrorism and the flood of refugees. He adds sarcastically that only Obama, in his wisdom, declared that “the world has become safer”! Perhaps it meant that the US has implemented the policy of “Let the Arabs deal with their crisis” and “Let the Russians workout their muscles ... the attrition training is long and bitter,” he argues.

The author concludes by stating that it is an era of luck and gambling and new maps for the region – after 100 years to Sykes-Picot agreement – which will be drawn by those who survive till the very end. 

Written by Zuheir Kseibati in al-Hayat.