Washington and Moscow alone don’t control the Syrian key

Washington and Moscow  alone don’t control the Syrian key
The betting on Vienna meeting tomorrow is a big one, however, the situation on the ground and the conflicting policies don’t reflect any reliable hopes about launching the negotiations between Syrian opposition and Assad regime again in order to reach a permanent political solution.

 There is not one key for political settlement but there are many keys that are distributed all over the area. In other words, the Russian –American understanding is no longer a sufficient entrance for that solution.    

The first round of negotiations took place relying on the understanding between the two big players but this looks no longer enough. This means that influential powers in the region and those concerned in the crisis are still able to obstruct any solution. This applies to the crises of Libya, Yemen and Iraq. 

The visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry to Riyadh was a reflection of that reality at the eve of Syria’s Support Group meeting. Riyadh is still clinging to its attitudes in terms of those crises and it will even become more sticking to its stance based on Houthis’ procrastination in Kuwait’s talks which show that Iran is still clinging to its dominance over Yemen. Therefore, neither Washington nor any other country can neglect the Saudi stance which can’t make any concessions about its security and the security of the GCC. 

There are many discouraging reasons that show no imminent solution or at least an agreement on a ceasefire in Aleppo and its countryside in order to save the city from further destruction. So, is it possible then to reach a full ceasefire agreement all over Syria except for ISIS and Al-Nusra? The US has to clear its view about the plan that aims at implementing the international solution and it has to reach a clear agreement with Russia that disperses any doubts the transitional period and its structure as well as the destiny of Assad.

The absence of a unified international view is not the only reason behind the inability to find a political solution for the Syrian crisis given that regional powers proved to be able to obstruct the Russian – American wheel meanwhile Assad views the current American policy as a chance to continue fighting until he achieves his targets in recapturing all the country relying on the support of his Russian and Iranian allies.  

Geroge Saaman in Al-Hayat 


Translated by Orient Net English 

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