Syrian athletes reveal their talents in their refuge countries

Syrian athletes reveal their talents in their refuge countries
Given the refugee crisis amid Syria’s conflict, many Syrian athletes left the country enduring harrowing physical and emotional travails to escape Assad brutal war. 

Upon arriving in their refuge countries, many of them start re-practicing their activities while adapting to the new society. However, one of the main problems that they face is being unrecognized as professional practitioners of these sports. 

The other way before those athletes is to join athletic clubs or teams in their new countries with a new identity. This new opportunity to join professional teams or establishments usually help talented athletes to develop their skills and get the attention they deserve away from nepotism and corruption that used to be the main characteristics of sport in Syria. 

One of the successful examples is 7-year-old Ahmad al-Daher, who has exceptional skills in playing football. 

Like Ahamd al-Daher, many Syrian young athletes found an open room to practice their sports and show their talents. Following their passion, they established new clubs and encouraged many other young men to join the activities.

Ali Zidan, a young Syrian goalkeeper, spoke about his passion that started when he was 10 years old. In Syria, he wanted to join the National Football Team, but he was denied that since he has nobody to second his application and he couldn’t afford paying bribe for one sports’ official to let him join the team.

After he arrived to Germany, he started practicing in a nearby small playground with some of his friends. They decided later to establish a new club. They collected some money and bought their requirements, then they got official papers for their club. 

Today, they are dreaming of joining a German professional club and playing with other German teams. 

Ali Zidan and Ahamd al-Daher are two examples of Syrian athletes who couldn’t show their talent in their country due to corruption and bad circumstances in Syria under Assad regime. 

In their new country, they hope that the new circumstances will help them develop their skills and achieve their dreams. 

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