Syria, the world, and the world values

Orient Net - Al-Hayat 2016-05-14 15:19:00

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It is hard to not see the agony of the Syrians as harshly painful and a slap on the face. 

It is hard to not see Assad as the creator of such pain, killing, displacement and humiliation. However, it is also not easy to ignore the charade of the world’s response to the Syrian’s agony. It is a stain on the forehead of our humanity.

However, even though Syria has stained the world’s humanity along with the rise of Donald Trump and the extremist European right wing, the election of a Pakistani Muslim as the mayor of London amidst rising Islamophobia and the election of an Afro-American and half Muslim to be the President of the US shows another side of the world. 

And, even though xenophobic actions against the refugees were committed, German Chancellor Angela Merkel showed a different side to those seeking-asylum.

In other words, the history book is not done and the last chapter has still not been written. The war remains undecided on many fronts and the potential for changes in policy, rulers and institutions across the electoral process is always opens for possibilities.

This does not limit of course the current Syrian agony, but it may only make it a stigma to the international community.

Hazem Saygha in al-Hayat