Syrians remain massed on Turkish border as situation worsens

Orient Net - Agencies 2016-02-13 08:05:00

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Hundreds more Syrian refugees arrived at the Turkish border, as evening fell on Monday, EuroNews reported.

Thousands of refugees are still facing closed borders, after a recent surge in the military operations by Assad loyalists backed by Russian airstrikes forced thousands of Syrians to flee the battle lines in Aleppo towards the Turkish borders, BBC reported.

The closed gates are being opened to aid lorries from Turkey carrying supplies and tents for the tens of thousands massed on the border, EuroNews reported.

The Turkish government has been allowing wounded people to enter, but has said that the country has reached its capacity to absorb large numbers.

However, having made the desperate decision to leave everything behind, fleeing for their lives, the Syrians gathered there don’t want to stay in a tent camp.

Many – eventually hoping to find new homes in Europe – are now pleading for Turkey to open its doors.

Huffington Post quoted Marianne Gasser, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Syria, saying that “the fighting is putting enormous pressure on civilians. The temperatures are extremely low and, without an adequate supply of food, water and shelter, displaced people are trying to survive in very precarious conditions." 

Gasser, who is currently stationed in Aleppo, added that "the situation is extremely difficult for tens of thousands of people because of the upsurge in violence. The situation was already desperate for many people before this latest violence.”

Mumtaz Abu Mohammad, a media activist from Azaz, commented on the current state of the Syrians stuck on the borders; “the situation here is miserable. People sleep in the streets. Last Monday, a man in his forties froze to death. Every day, IHH sends more tents, but there are too many people. The situation calls for urgent international intervention. One relief organization will not be able to cover the needs of all of these people.”