John Kerry to Orient News: No peace in Syria with Assad there

The US Secretary of State John Kerry said today that no peace in Syria with Assad in power.

In an interview with Orient News to broadcast shortly Kerry added we need a political solution to build a unified Syria.

Speaking about the cessation of hostilities, Kerry said that ISIS and al-Nusra are not included in Munich decisions.

"It is totally unacceptable to call all Assad opponents terrorists" Kerry answered Orient News Hayvi Bouzo when she asked him about Russia’s designation of Syrian opposition.

Kerry said that we are working with all Syria’s support groups to make it very very clear where there is a legitimate moderate opposition and where there are terrorists.

"If they are killing people on identity, that is a war crime," Kerry answered a question in respect of the US attitude towards the extremist and sectarian Shia militias who are fighting in Syria like the Lebanese militia of Hezbollah whose members are killing Syrians on identity. 

Kerry added: "We are not in favor of any external militia from anywhere Hezbollah or Shia militia coming from Iraq and a part of cessation of hostilities is to drive these people back and to make clear to them that they have no place in Syria, this is number one, number two is that the violence must stop and they must respect this process and if they do not, they would find themselves targeted by every body."

In response to the Russian intervention in Syria and the legal experts statements of using blind bombs which kill thousands of Syrians, Kerry said: "Many allegations, we know that bombs dropped that have killed civilians women, children, people in hospitals, mosques, innocents people were killed in the bombs."

In answering a question related Assad’s future in the light of the recent statements of the decisions Kerry said: " The US of America and most of the allies and friends and the international support group believe there will never be peace in Syria if Assad is there. We believe that Assad should help the transition by announcing that he is going to be free elections and when he  helps in rebuild his country."

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