Women of Madaya design clothing for their children from UN blankets

Women of Madaya design clothing for their children from UN blankets
The Syrian people have always been known for their ability to create and innovate in various spheres of life. Despite the hardships, Syrians have been able to transform the things they have available to them into other forms of life thus creating happiness on the faces of their children in spite of the terrible conditions surrounding them.

Madaya women, who embrace their children to protect them from the  nights of killer cold, have once again called upon their innate abilities to create warmth and offer it to their children’s slim and skinny food deprived bodies in a form that showcases their creativity and steadfastness in the face of all forms of hatred and criminality.

Blankets from the United Nations, which entered with the last shipment of aid to the besieged town of Madaya,were a great help to the women for making clothes. The women were able to turn the blankets into winter clothing that is characterized by creativity and craftsmanship.

These women emphasize that the will to live is what creates miracles and that the phrase "Hunger or Kneel" imposed on them by the Assad regime and  Hezbollah militia will not  undermine their resolve and steadfastness to remain on their land from which Hezbollah wants to uproot them in order to change the demographic composition of the population in Assad’s favor.

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