Al-Jaafari, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

Al-Jaafari, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s
Assad’s ambassador, al-Jaafari, is playing Mr. Clever, after UN’s envoy to Syria postponed the Geneva talks. Al-Jaafari said that de Mistura postponed the negotiations “to protect the opposition from being humiliated and to protect himself,” adding that de Mistura tried to convince the opposition to stay but it had already made the decision to boycott the talks.

The irony is that after al-Jaafari’s statements, a UN official announced that de Mistura’s decision to postpone the talks until Feb. 25 was because of the intensified Russian military aggression that aims at humiliating the opposition. "I think the special envoy decided to suspend the talks because the (United Nations) did not want to be associated with the Russian escalation in Syria, which risks undermining the talks completely," the official told Reuters

The tone of al-Jaafari’s statements, his body language and the content of his speech confirmed undoubtedly that the Syrian regime participated in the talks, with Russian support, in order to make them a failure. 

The terror tactic was very clear in every word uttered by al-Jaafari, as he accused the leaders of the opposition of being amateurs in diplomacy and considered them entities with no identities. In addition, he stated that the opposition was not one, but many oppositions.

Al-Jaafari represents the perfect model to reflect the image of a regime which has not changed after years of killing its own people, a regime which is amused by starving the people of Madaya and enjoying ridiculing the pain of its residents. 

In Syria, Assad tyranny has united with Putin tyranny. I do not say this because of Haytham Manna, who was before the Russian intervention accepted by Assad regime as a moderate opposition, and has become now an outcast pressured by Moscow to be in-line with its desires to choose the people who represent the opposition. Also, according to Moscow’s standards of meanings of moderation, terrorism, extremism and militancy, which Mannaa and his friends are very close to fulfill.

Has not the Dunia TV channel been saying for years now that al-Jaafari is the one who dots the i’s and crosses the t’s?

Mohammed Barhouma in Al-Hayat

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