Starving Syrians taunted by IRC

Starving Syrians taunted by IRC
An activist in Moadamiyeh reported today that hungry residents of the besieged city had their hopes of receiving humanitarian aid raised and then dashed in the cruelest of ways. 

Hungry children and elderly, those who are most vulnerable to the regime’s starvation tactics, as well as women who were seeking anything to feed their children, had gathered at the only passage of the city and were forced to watch the Red Cross and Red Crescent distributing food only to the neighborhood which is loyal to Assad --- a neighborhood whose residents are responsible for many crimes committed against the people of Moadamiyeh. 

The besieged people were subjected to all kinds of humiliation in front of the International Red Cross, while one of the UN’s officials in Damascus is reported to have said, "We refused to participate in this mission."


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