EU approves funding to help Turkey with migrant crisis

Orient Net - Agencies 2016-02-04 07:04:00

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The European Union (EU) has approved funding that will be allocated to assist Turkey with the record number of Syrian migrants, BBC News reported.

The deal will give Turkey $3.3 billion with the hope that it will lower the amount of refugees entering the EU.

Last year, a deal was made between the EU and Turkey which offered Turkey political concessions and funding in exchange for the tightening of its borders, says the BBC.

The EU and Turkey have seen a huge influx of refugees fleeing the ongoing conflict in Syria, ABC News Radio reported.

Twenty-eight member states of the EU will contribute to the fund with the EU’s executive contributing one billion euros.

Bulgaria will contribute EUR 5.9 M to the EU package of EUR 3 B due to be disbursed to Turkey as part of its commitment to keep migrants from entering Europe,, Sofia News Agency reported.