The "Fatiha" of the regime’s book

The "Fatiha" of the regime’s book
Assad’s ambassador to the U.N. and head of the negotiating team to Geneva peace talks refused any direct talks with the Syrian opposition describing the regime’s conditions as the " Fatiha" of their Quran concluding his statement by saying " Allah Almighty has spoken the truth" which is a common phrase usually said after someone finishes reciting the holy Quran. 

It was not the first time to hear such heretic statements by regime’s senior officials. Syrians from all religious doctrines have been used to Assad’s thugs uttering such shocking phrases like this.

However, the regime’s notorious envoy to Geneva talks hit all records when he bragged about the “independent national decision” of the Assad regime describing it as similar in holiness to Surat Al-Fatiha in the noble Quran adding that this is“their Quran.” 

Historically speaking, the Assad regime has proved to be defying all religious feelings by desecrating Syrian people’s beliefs and doctrines. It is still fresh in the memory of all Syrians how Assad’s soldiers forced detainees to repeat “there is no god but Bashar al-Assad” and how they obliged other prisoners to bow before Assad’s pictures. Not to mention the raids against mosques and churches at the beginning of the Syrian revolution and bombarding many minarets leveling the whole holy buildings to the ground or burning them as a whole. 

But what makes Jaaffari’s statement this time special is that while the devilish-faced man was pretending to be so “patriotic” and “independent” there were thousands of Iranian, Afghani and Russian militias defending his shaky and psychopathic master hiding underground somewhere in Damascus while surrounded by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard on the ground and protected by Russian warplanes on the sky!! 

Ironically, a recent photo posted on regime’s website shows the size of contradiction between Jaafari’s blasphemous though empty statement and the reality of the so-called “independent” and “national free” decision. The photo shows a Shiite cleric performing funeral prayers for pro-regime fighters. Each body was covered by the flag of the fighter’s militia or country. Shamefully- for the “patriotic” Jaafari- there was only one body covered by regime’s flag while the other bodies were covered by their countries’ flags!! 

Then, what is that “Fatiha” which Jaafari likes to recite that all free Syrians know nothing about? Does Jaafari believe in a different religion other than the religion of the Quran? It is for sure not the noble Quran that every Muslim believes in and every Syrian respects. The book which Jaafari has recited his so-called “Fatiha” is the book of Assad that only slaves and warmongers believe in. 

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