What does it take to qualify as a Holocaust victim?

Dr. Yahya Al-Aridi 2016-02-01 17:08:00

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Human nature is a mixture of both good and evil. Tough are the times when evil prevails taking different shapes and not leaving room to righteousness for rescuing humanity. Evil takes different shapes; and that is why fighting it is so complex. All those shapes are interconnected; discrimination, hypocrisy and brutality with each leading to the other.

Few doubt or deny what happened to Jews at the hands of the Nazis in WWII. Discrimination against Jews reflected the West’s hypocrisy and led to the brutality against them, and came to be known as the Holocaust. Today it is a crime to even doubt let alone deny that.

Recently President Barack Obama visited the Israeli Embassy in Washington to participate in the honoring of four Americans who helped Jews in WWII.

These are some of the statements he made in that gathering:

“We hear their stories, and we are forced to ask ourselves, under the same circumstances, how would we act?”

Indifference betrays compassion.”

"When we see some Jews leaving major European cities — where their families have lived for generations, it is our responsibility to speak out, to stand firm, to not stand idly by, to reject indifference,… and our darkest impulses rests with us, just as it did with the generation that looked the other way as forces of evil tried to eliminate Jewish people.”

During Mr. Obama’s presidency there has been another Holocaust taking place in Syria in front of his very eyes; a regime killing its people even using weapons the Nazis did not use against Jews. And Mr. Obama stood by idly. He has not only been silent, but his stand encouraged the mass murderers and lengthened the agony of Syrians who wished him to be silent. He even blocked the efforts of certain parties who wanted to help Syrians out.

Since Mr. Obama did not stand up to the brutality of a regime that went beyond the Nazis in murdering its own people, how could anybody expect him to be truthful about standing firm in the face of Antisemitism or any kind of evil action perpetrated against humanity?

As for Jews leaving Europe, in hundreds or in thousands because of a negative sentiment called Antisemitism; Syrians have been fleeing their country in millions because of a regime’s non-stop daily bombardment, not a hateful sentiment.

If, as he says, INDIFFERENCE betrays passion; why was he so indifferent to the plight of Syrians for five years?

Syrians and the world did hear Obama’s loud voice but saw no real action to save human life. What he did was deliberate inaction and no policy. If one rejects indifference in the face of evil, he should not practice it.

When there is a tragedy going on in front of Mr. Obama’s eyes, and he takes a stand even worse than that of those he is criticizing, could he be less than a hypocrite if not an accomplice to that tragedy? For the past five years, Mr. Obama has no strategy towards Syria; he has developed a STRAGEDY rather.

As for the question Mr. Obama asked: “…. How do we act?” Syrians can provide Mr. Obama with an answer: Mr. Obama, Just be honest with yourself, and mind hypocrisy which is the source of all evil.

Syrians probably do not need to know what kind of mixture Mr. Obama is, but they just need to ask him about it takes to qualify as Holocaust victims.