David Miliband: one million work permits for refugees

David Miliband: one million work permits for refugees
One million jobs are needed for refugees from Syria to improve their lives in neighboring countries which have borne the brunt of the refugee crisis since the conflict started almost five years ago, the head of a major humanitarian relief agency said.

David Miliband, chief executive of the U.S. based International Rescue Committee, said refugees have no savings left, are struggling to get aid and are increasingly unable to support themselves and their families, Breitbart reported.

Major donor governments will meet in London on Thursday for an international pledging conference to raise new funds to meet the needs of Syria’s 4.6 million refugees and another 13.5 million who need help within Syria.

The conference is expected to discuss job opportunities for Syrian refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, where more than 90 percent of them live.

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