Operation Peace Spring

Blast kills civilians in Syria's Ras al-Ayn

Orient Net 🕔2019-12-04 11:48:00

Turkey says roads in northern Syria are built

Orient Net 🕔2019-11-17 09:15:00

SNA liberates farmlands in Hasaka countryside

Orient Net 🕔2019-11-14 09:08:00

Trump says: We're keeping the Syrian oil

Orient Net 🕔2019-11-13 19:27:00

Erdogan says Turkey will expand safe zone if needed

Orient Net - AA 🕔2019-10-30 13:48:00

Turkey responds to YPG attacks in northern Syria

Orient Net 🕔2019-10-27 08:09:00

Blast kills three civilians in Raqqa’s Suluk

Orient Net 🕔2019-10-23 15:09:00

Turkey to pause Syria op for 5 days

Orient Net 🕔2019-10-18 07:51:00

Turkish defense minister met US security advisor

Orient Net 🕔2019-10-17 08:37:00