EU urges halt to Idlib 'humanitarian drama'

Orient Net 🕔2020-02-21 07:43:00

Erdogan: Turkey has made all preparations to carry out cross-border operation in Idlib

Orient Net 🕔2020-02-19 11:02:00

Erdogan: Turkish operation in Idlib, NW Syria 'a matter of time'

Trump says working on Idlib plan with Erdogan

Orient Net 🕔2020-02-19 07:26:00

Russia, Turkey hold 2nd round of talks on Idlib

Orient Net 🕔2020-02-18 11:12:00

Erdogan, Trump discuss Syria

Orient Net 🕔2020-02-16 05:27:00

Erdogan, Putin discuss Syria's Idlib over phone

Orient Net 🕔2020-02-05 07:37:00

Erdogan: Turkey told Russia to stand out of way in Syria's Idlib

Orient Net 🕔2020-02-03 08:56:00

Erdogan: 40 Assad positions targeted in ongoing operation after Assad regime killed 4 Turkish troops

Turkey could move further in Syria, Erdogan says

Orient Net 🕔2020-01-19 06:22:00

Erdogan slams Assad regime aggression in Idlib

Orient Net 🕔2020-01-17 14:23:00

Turkish, US presidents discuss Syria over phone

Orient Net 🕔2020-01-03 13:24:00