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Orient Net10-6-2017

Iran-backed PMF is not in full control of Syria border - Sources

A Baghdad military source confirmed that the Iranian-led Shia Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) has not yet fully controlled the border ..
Orient Net8-6-2017

FSA regains positions lost to Iran-backed militants in Syrian Desert

Factions in the Free Syrian Army (FSA) declared on Wednesday (June 7) killing several Iran-backed militants and destroying a number ..
Hayvi Bouzo12-1-2017

Ariel Cohen, Energy and Russia Expert & Alex Vatanka, Middle East and Iran Expert - The Axis

Hayvi Bouzo in The Axis speaks to the energy and Russia expert Ariel Cohen, and to Alex Vatanka, Middle East ..
Hayvi Bouzo4-1-2017

In the Axis: Valerie Szybala, Joshua Landis

In The Axis: Hayvi Bouzo discusses with Valerie Szybala, the executive director of the Syria Institute and with Joshua Landis, ..
Hayvi Bouzo16-10-2016

US relations with the Middle East, White Helmets’ nomination for alternative Nobel prize

In the Axis discusses the recent developments in the US foreign relations and the changes in the US policy towards ..
Hayvi Bouzo27-9-2016

Gonul Toll, expert in the Middle East Institute for Strategic Studies

The expert in the Middle East Institute for Strategic Studies Gonul Toll speaks to In the Axis about the political ..
Orient Net - Special6-3-2016

Assad terrorists shell Damascus’ Beit Nayem with Grad missiles

Assad terrorists shelled today the two towns of al-Fadaaya and Beit Nayem in Damascus eastern countryside with three Grad missiles. ..
The Axis 15-2-2016

The US-Iranian nuclear deal and the potentiality of its failure

If reformists do not win the Iranian parliamentary elections, the US-Iranian nuclear deal will utterly fail and thus Obama’s legacy ..
Orient Net - Special10-2-2016

Opposition thwarts Assad terrorists’ progress in al-Turkman Mountain

Opposition fighters’ al-Huriyya Brigade published on line a video showing heavy clashes in which they thwarted Assad terrorists’s progress in ..
Orient Net - Special27-12-2015

Russian jets attack Palmyra in Homs

Russian jets attacked the city of Palmyra in the eastern countryside of Homs with about 60 air strikes yesterday killing ..