A Syrian woman gave birth to her child on Tuesday (June 6) at the entrance to a hospital in downtown Beirut after being denied access to the hospital for financial reasons. Pictures of the Syrian woman giving birth to her child in the entrance of Saiydat Lebnen Hospital in Jounieh went viral early on Wednesday. https://orient-news.net/news_images/17_6/1496849611.jpg People at the scene said that she was prevented from entering the hospital because she did not have the expenses of childbirth. The pregnant lady tried repeatedly to communicate with the hospital management, but in vain, Lebanon Debate website reported. https://orient-news.net/news_images/17_6/1496849707.jpg Activists on social media stated that the hospital administration prevented the pregnant lady from entering, forcing her to give birth in the outdoor courtyard of the hospital. The administration of the hospital issued a statement in which it said that the birth was done outside the hospital because the mother did not arrive on time which prompted to have her give birth to her child in the outer courtyard. The statement then said that the mother is currently in the hospital with her baby, “they are in good health and are receiving the necessary care.” https://orient-news.net/news_images/17_6/1496849603.jpg The latest episode of the Syrians’ plight in Lebanon brings to mind another event during which a Syrian refugee woman died at the entrance of a hospital in Tripoli after the medical staff refused to treat her. A large number of Syrian refugees reside in miserable camps or in apartments, especially in the north and east of Lebanon near the border with Syria. They make up a quarter of Lebanon's population, and most live in severe poverty in makeshift camps across the country as the government opposes the creation of formal ones.