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Orient Net - The Guardian22-5-2018

Tehran has to comply with US demands or face strongest sanctions - Pompeo

Mike Pompeo threatens Tehran with additional measures and warns: ‘The Iranian regime should know this is just the beginning’ Mike Pompeo ..
Orient Net21-5-2018

Pompeo demands Iran withdraw forces from Syria

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanded Iran withdraw its forces from Syria and end its support for Hezbollah, Hamas ..
Orient Net20-5-2018

Guterres: Lebanon to prohibit Hezbollah from acquiring weapons

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the Lebanese government had to take “all necessary measures to prohibit ’Hezbollah’ from continuing ..
Orient Net17-5-2018

EU to reactivate ’Blocking Statute’ against US Sanctions on Iran

The European Union says it will launch this week the process of activating a regulation to shield the impact of ..
Orient Net16-5-2018

Gulf states put Hezbollah-linked members, entities on terror list

Saudi Arabia says Gulf states have put (10) of Hezbollah leaders on terror list, inducing the group’s leader Hasan Nasrallah ..
Orient Net16-5-2018

Europe seeking to protect legitimate business with Iran

Europe sought on Tuesday (May 15) to find a way to save the Iran nuclear deal without the United States ..
Orient Net15-5-2018

US sanctions imposed on Iran’s central bank governor, others

The United States on Tuesday (May 15) imposed sanctions on Iran’s central bank chief, three other individuals and an Iraq-based ..
Orient Net - JP12-5-2018

Israeli minister: We have opportunity to uproot Iran from Syria

We must strike the iron while it’s hot," said Israeli Minister of Construction Yoav Galant in a Shabat - ..
Orient Net - Reuters12-5-2018

Iran’s attempts to strike Israeli targets "highly dangerous"- Votel

A top US general on Friday (May 11) said Iran’s attempts to strike Israeli targets were "unacceptable" and "highly dangerous". Speaking ..
Orient Net11-5-2018

Iranian slogan of “Death to America” is media consumption

Footage came from Damascus in the first hours of Thursday (May 8) where more  than 20 airbases and positions of ..