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The New York Times19-2-2018

Iran, deeply embedded in Syria, expands ‘axis of resistance’

Iran is training thousands of militiamen in Syria and deploying drones and precision weapons. Its goal, say analysts: a united ..
Orient Net18-2-2018

Saudi Arabia’s al-Jubier: Iran must be held accountable on missiles

Saudi Arabia on Sunday (February 18) welcomed a draft United Nations resolution offered by Britain, the United States and France ..
Orient Net18-2-2018

Netanyahu warns with ‘piece of Iranian drone’ in hand

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Tehran on Saturday over aggression by what he called Iran and its "proxies" in ..
Orient Net18-2-2018

All 66 passengers killed after plane crashes in Iran

An Iranian passenger plane has crashed in a mountainous area of the central province of Isfahan, killing all 66 people ..
Orient Net15-2-2018

US blames Russia, regime, Iran’s Hezbollah for ongoing Syria conflict

The US Permanent Representative to the UN on Wednesday said it is time for Russia to use its influence over ..
Orient Net13-2-2018

Improvised Iranian rockets used in Ghouta chlorine attacks

Chlorine gas missiles that have targeted Eastern Ghouta on Feb 1 and Jan 22 are improvised Iranian missiles according to ..
The Guardian11-2-2018

Syria: the suffering grows and the world turns away

After seven years of carnage, at the cost of half a million lives, the violence in Syria is not dwindling ..
Orient Net11-2-2018

US concerned about “Iran’s calculated escalation of threat”

The US was "deeply" concerned about Saturday’s escalation of violence over Israel’s border and "strongly" supported Israel’s sovereign right to ..
Orient Net11-2-2018

Syrian-Israeli border: Tension after confrontation

Tension was high across the Israeli-Syrian frontier on Sunday (February 11), a day after an anti-aircraft fire downed an Israeli ..
Orient Net10-2-2018

Iran-backed militias ’used US-made tanks’ in Syria

The Pentagon says Iranian-backed militias fighting ISIS in Syria used Abrams tanks that the US military had originally provided to ..