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Orient Net24-2-2018

Survivors of regime assault on E.Ghouta treated in makeshift hospital

Warplanes pounded Syria’s Eastern Ghouta on Saturday, the seventh day in a row of a fierce escalation by Assad regime and its allies, killing and wounding dozens of civilians. Syria Civil ..
Orient Net18-2-2018

Turkish Red Crescent encourages charities to help IDPs in Syria

The head of the Turkish Red Crescent visited on Saturday (February 17) the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Syria’s Atmeh Camp on the Turkish border.  Dr. Kerem Kinik, who is also ..
Orient Net17-2-2018

How "Syrian forces" are no longer Syrian

The world should update its dictionary, "Syrian forces" are no longer Syrian, rather they are vicious sectarian foreign militias bolstering Assad. By: Halla Barakat Republished by Ahmad al-Shehabi ..
Orient Net17-2-2018

White Helmets: Resilience, bravery, dedication

The Syria Civil Defense (also known as the White Helmets) has worked tirelessly since 2013 to save as many lives possible as Assad-Russian airstrikes indiscriminately bombard civilian-populated areas. Despite the ..
Orient Net17-2-2018

The Joy Maker

A Syrian man from Eastern Ghouta in Damascus eastern countryside fashions remnants of Assad regime’s rockets and barrel bombs into kids’ amusements.  Assad brutal suppression of demonstrations in al-Ghouta was followed ..
Orient Net16-2-2018

Eastern Ghouta: Syrians create ways against Assad bombing ‎

Destruction and damage caused by Assad ‎warplanes ‎are ‎seen everywhere in Damascus eastern ‎countryside.  ‎Locals dig tunnels ‎to mitigate the pain and ‎reduce the losses caused by Assad killing machine.  ‎ Translation ..
Orient Net29-12-2017

Ghouta children resort to English out of despair

Nour and Alaa continue sending messages about the miserable situation in besieged eastern Ghouta. Children of eastern Ghouta are deprived of enjoying their basic rights to eat, play and live. About 400,000 ..
Orient Net19-10-2017

Heavy Assad forced displacement of Syrians

The Assad regime and its allied foreign Shiite militias have been forcibly displacing the Sunni Syrian people to change the demography of Syria, and 2016 saw the worst and most ..
Orient Net19-10-2017

"Syria Civil War": Ignorance or bias?

World media outlets insist on calling what is taking place in Syria as "Civil War". Is it? First made and published by Halla Barakat in Nov. 21, 2016.  Republished by Ahmad al-Shehabi.  ..
Orient Net17-10-2017

Assad regime bombs the Jewish Synagogue In Damascus’ Jobar

Archaeological sites and places of worship are not ‎sacred in the eyes of Assad terrorists as long as they are not under Assad regime’s control. In the Damascus’ Jobar neighborhood.‎ ..