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Orient Net18-5-2018

Southern Damascus: ISIS causes heavy losses in Assad militias

Battles of southern Damascus cause heavy losses in the Assad regime and its sectarian militias by the terror group of ISIS.  More than 650 regime terrorists have been killed by ..
Orient Net12-5-2018

Assad-IDPs reach Hama’s al-Madeeq from Homs northern countryside

Orient News correspondent Jameel Hasan was at the scene when the third batch of the Syrians who were displaced by the Assad regime and its allies from Homs northern countryside ..
Orient Net11-5-2018

First boxing tournament held in Syria’s Idlib

The first kick boxing tournament has been held in Idlib. Twenty three teams and groups of three hundred boxers came to compete and win  from five Syrian governorates. Reporter: Anas Tracy  Translation ..
Orient Net11-5-2018

Iranian slogan of “Death to America” is media consumption

Footage came from Damascus in the first hours of Thursday (May 8) where more  than 20 airbases and positions of the Assad regime and Iranian militias were targeted in Syrian ..
Orient New27-4-2018

Assad regime shells Idlib’s Jisr al-Sheghoor

The Assad regime artillery shelling is ongoing.  The town of Bedama in Idlib countryside’s Jisr al-Sheghoor witnessed heavy shelling by the regime’s militias and their allies. Similar attacks were reported ..
Orient Net27-4-2018

Brigadier Suheil al-Hasan is Bashar Assad’s main rival

Brigadier Suheil al-Hasan, the leader of the "Tiger Forces" in the Assad regime’s army, has become Bashar Assad’s main competitor according to the regime’s social media pages.  Suheil al-Hassan appears surrounded ..
Orient Net26-4-2018

Assad regime threatens north of Homs with surrender fate

The Assad regime’s jets relentlessly bomb opposition-held areas in southern Damascus. Amid this bombing campaign, the regime minister of "reconciliation" Ali Haider, says, all opposition-held pockets north of Homs will ..
Orient Net26-4-2018

Last batch of regime-Qalamoun IDPs received in al-Bab city

The last batch of the Assad regime-displaced Syrians was received on Tuesday (March 24) by their fellow Syrians in Aleppo eastern countryside’s al-Bab city. Orient News correspondent Yaman al-Sayed was there ..
Orient Net22-4-2018

Security Council to intensify efforts on Syria

The UN security council agreed on Sunday (April 22) to intensify efforts to reach a political solution in Syria, after convening an informal meeting in a farmhouse in Sweden, attended ..
Orient Net21-4-2018

US blasts regimes in Syria, China, Russia, Iran, N.Korea

The US State Department on Friday (April 20) blasted the Assad regime, China, Russia, Iran and North Korea for violating human rights within their borders on a daily basis, describing ..