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Orient Net16-10-2017

Syrians want to restore old days of Syrian revolution

Hundreds of Syrians took to the street of Aleppo western countryside’s Anjara on Sunday (Oct.15) to reassure their peaceful demands of toppling Assad regime. Orient News’s Abrahim al-Kateeb, met some of ..
Orient Net2-7-2017

Orient News refutes Assad regime’s claims of progress in Ein Tarmeh

Assad regime’s media outlets have claimed that Assad terrorists and their allied Iran-backed terrorists progressed in Ein Tarmeh in Damascus eastern countryside. Orient News correspondent refuted the story by reporting from ..
Orient Net English26-6-2017

Opposition launches sudden offensive on Assad terrorists in Quneitra ‎

On Sunday (June 15) , opposition fighters overtook Assad terrorists ‎with a sudden swift offensive in the city of Baath, the centre of ‎Quneitra. The attack has been described the ..
Orient Net20-6-2017

Assad terrorists attack Damascus' Jobar with mortar shells

For the 6th day in a row, Assad terrorists attempt to occupy Jobar neighborhood in Damascus by launching tens of missiles and mortar shells and more than 20 airstrikes. Reporter: Hadi ..
Orient Net19-6-2017

PKK-affiliated SDF shelling kills civilians in Aleppo’s Mara’‎

Orient News correspondent visited the city of Mara’ in Aleppo ‎northern countryside. The city was targeted by the PKK-‎affiliated Syria Democratic Forces’ artillery shells. The indiscriminate attacks ‎killed two and ..
Orient Net13-6-2017

Idlib: Volunteers renovate Jisr al-Sheghoor's public areas

As Assad warplanes take a break from targeting the residential areas of Jisr al-Sheghoor in Idlib countryside, the Syria Civil Defense team (AKA the White Helmets) launched a project aims ..
Orient Net12-6-2017

At least 30000 Syrian students do exams in ‎Aleppo countryside ‎

At least 30000 students in the opposition-held areas are doing ‎their preparatory and secondary exams. New measures are ‎applied by the ministry of education to cope with hopes and ‎promises ..
Live From Syria10-6-2017

Locals launch military action against YPG in Aleppo northern countryside

Local young men from Aleppo northern countryside have launched a military campaing on the positions of the separatist YPG militia in the vicinity of Tel Rifaat to secure the return ..
Orient Net English7-6-2017

Latest developments in Daraa

Orient News correspondent Beshr al-Ahmad talks about latest developments in Daraa. Interpreter: Ahmad al-Shehabi  Facebook: Live from Syria ..
Orient Net6-6-2017

Assad terrorists' attempts at occupying eastern Ghouta's Hosh al-Dawahra foiled

Opposition fighters were able to foil the seven failed attempts by Assad terrorists and their allies to occupy Hosh al-Dawahra in eastern Ghouta. Reporter: Mohammed Abd al-Rahman Translation: Halla Barakat Voice-over: Mohammed al-Kateb ..