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Orient Net - VOA18-3-2018

Sexual violence in Syria used as tool to instill fear and shame

The UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria condemns the rampant sexual and gender-based violence used by Syria’s warring parties to instill fear in the civilian population and to humiliate and ..
Orient Net - Reuters3-3-2018

Syrian refugee’s guitar opens doors to new life in Belgium

Basil Khalil was far from home when he arrived in Belgium as a refugee having fled the war in Syria in 2012, lived in Egypt and Turkey, and crossed the ..
Waeda Al-Wahab - Orient Net2-3-2018

UK plan on women, peace, and security focuses on Syria

UK consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, held a press briefing event on the UK ‘National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security’ (NAP) by Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon on Thursday (Mar. ..
Yeni Şafak26-12-2017

Turkey’s upcoming operation in Syria to extend beyond Afrin

As Turkey continues its preparations for the upcoming Afrin operation, the cross-border campaign is said to extend beyond the central northwestern Syrian region, clearing 170-kilometer strip of land from Kurdistan ..
The Guardian7-12-2017

Children bear ’disproportionate lethal impact’ of Syrian war

Child deaths are on the rise in Syria’s war, according to estimates that show one in four civilians killed in 2016 was under the age of 18.   The authors of a ..
Metin Gurcan – Al-Monitor1-12-2017

Private military companies: Moscow’s other army in Syria

Valery Gerasimov, chief of the Russian General Staff, attracted public attention when on Nov. 23 he said Moscow plans to withdraw some of its troops from Syria by the end ..
Orient Net - The Guardian4-10-2017

The 13-year-old Syrian refugee who became a prizewinning poet

"I take words from anywhere,” says Amineh Abou Kerech, moments after winning the 2017 Betjeman poetry prize for 10- to 13-year-olds last week. “I take them from songs and films, ..

Iranian resistance reveals details of Tehran's missile posture

On Tuesday, the Iranian opposition coalition the National Council of Resistance of Iran held a press conference at its Washington DC office to present new information about missile development and ..
Helen Branswell – STAT News20-6-2017

Polio outbreak expands in Syria, as health officials plan immunization campaign

The World Health Organization said Tuesday that an outbreak of vaccine-related polio cases in Syria has expanded, with 17 children so far paralyzed by the vaccine viruses. Two weeks ago, there ..
Leila al-Shami - The New Arab14-6-2017

Syria's prisoners: Absent but never forgotten

This Ramadan, Syrian families across the country and around the world will be breaking their fast in the absence of a loved one.  As favorite delicacies are prepared and relatives gather, ..