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Orient Net - ProPublica23-5-2018

US considered declaring Russia a state sponsor of terror, then dropped it

After an attack on a former spy, the State Department pondered placing that label on Putin’s government. Instead, the Trump administration continued a longtime U.S. policy of treating Russia as ..
Orient Net - The Guardian22-5-2018

Tehran has to comply with US demands or face strongest sanctions - Pompeo

Mike Pompeo threatens Tehran with additional measures and warns: ‘The Iranian regime should know this is just the beginning’ Mike Pompeo has threatened Iran with the “strongest sanctions in history” if ..
Orient Net- The Atlantic18-5-2018

Assad is desperate for soldiers

In late March, the Assad regime released a propaganda video aimed at the young men of Syria. In the video, titled “Braids of Fire,” Asma al-Assad stands before a squad ..
Orient Net - The Guardian11-5-2018

Israel-Iran conflict is no surprise but implications are unclear

If the precise timing of the outbreak of hostilities between Israel and Iran in Syria is surprising, the fact that it has occurred is less so. For well over a year ..
Orient Net - the algemeiner29-4-2018

The tragedy in Syria rests on the shoulders of the West

President Trump’s characterization of the US attack on specific Syroan regime’s chemical storage and research facilities as “mission accomplished” is technically accurate, as the intended targets were in fact destroyed. ..
Zvi Bar’el - Haaretz23-4-2018

Conflict between Iran and Israel will rest on fate of the nuclear deal

With Trump expected to announce if he is nixing the deal by May 12, Tehran is contending with a sluggish economy, the worst drought in 50 years and growing public ..
Laurel Beager - International Falls Journal22-4-2018

Syria - hold Assad, Russians accountable

The targeted strike Friday at chemical weapons facilities and related locations in Syria were justified and overdue. Bashar al-Assad, head of regime in Syria, has for too long been allowed to ..
Melik Kaylan – Forbes21-4-2018

What did the US achieve in Syria?

Owing to the tragicomically punchdrunk condition of newsmedia in the Trump era it remains impossible to determine what, if anything, was achieved by the allied bombing of Syria. There’s a ..
Peter Apps – Reuters17-4-2018

Commentary: In Syria strike, the real danger is Russia

In deciding whether and how to strike Assad regime installations following last week’s chemical weapons attack, the US military might once have focused on inflicting real damage on Bashar al-Assad’s ..
Orient Net16-4-2018

Tomahawk strikes and smouldering ruins – but no real change in Syria

Trump can claim that he acted decisively while Putin and Assad carry on with their brutal war The images seemed convincing. The scientific research facility in Barzeh, north of Damascus was ..