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Kersten Knipp - DW24-2-2018

The twisted logic of the war in Syria

It is becoming increasingly clear that the war in Syria defies all logic. It is driven by cynical rivals who use short-term tactics without pursuing any long-term strategies, says DW’s ..
The Washington Post23-2-2018

Syria has become a gruesome cockpit once again

The abiding image from this past weekend’s security conference here was of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu theatrically brandishing a piece of an Iranian drone shot down over Israel a week ..
Orient Net - The Guardian22-2-2018

Ghouta’s desperate civilians say they’ve been abandoned to their fate

There was a time in Ghouta, amid the planes, bombs and hunger, when ways to ease the suffering remained within reach. Even as the siege closed in, residents in ..
Christopher R. Hill - Project Syndicate21-2-2018

What does the US want in Syria?

After seven years of bloodshed across shifting battlefronts, the conflict in Syria has become so complicated that a workable resolution seems all but impossible anytime soon. And the United States’ ..
The New York Times19-2-2018

Iran, deeply embedded in Syria, expands ‘axis of resistance’

Iran is training thousands of militiamen in Syria and deploying drones and precision weapons. Its goal, say analysts: a united front in any war with Israel. By Ben Hubbard, Isabel Kershner ..
Hamish de Bretton-Gordon – BBC16-2-2018

Assad chemical weapons form ‘threat to West’

Reports of attacks using chemical weapons in Syria are occurring with alarming frequency, despite international warnings that such acts cross an intolerable red line. Here, chemical weapons expert Hamish de Bretton-Gordon ..
The Guardian11-2-2018

Syria: the suffering grows and the world turns away

After seven years of carnage, at the cost of half a million lives, the violence in Syria is not dwindling but multiplying. The mighty pursue power, territory and resources, while ..
The Financial Times3-2-2018

Moscow searches for political path out of Syrian morass

Alexander Lavrentiev had an uncompromising message for the 1,393 Syrian politicians, tribal chiefs and religious leaders that gathered in Sochi this week: get a deal done. As Russia tries to ..
Ibrahim Kalin - CNN2-2-2018

Why US should partner with Turkey in Syria

On January 24, a group of men in Kilis, a Turkish town at the country’s Syrian border, gathered for evening prayers at the local mosque. Minutes later, the 17th-century building was ..
The Guardian31-1-2018

Russia’s Syrian peace conference teeters on farce

Russia’s showcase Syrian peace conference in Sochi teetered on farce when opposition delegates refused to leave the airport and the Russian foreign minister was heckled during his opening speech over civilian deaths. Large ..