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Orient Net25-3-2017

Opposition liberates majority of ISIS-held eastern Qalamoun area

Opposition fighters were able to liberate on Saturday (March 25) majority of eastern Qalamoun area in Damascus eastern countryside following clashing with ISIS, reaching the outskirts of Homs desert near ..
Orient Net - Daily Sabah25-3-2017

EU 27 renew commitment to union amid Brexit talks

The leaders of 27 European Union countries on Saturday marked the 60th anniversary of the bloc’s founding by renewing their commitment to a common future amid a divorce with Britain. Against ..
Orient Net 25-3-2017

Local-made bomb kills Shia terrorists in Daraa’s al-Menshiyya

Opposition fighters in al-Benyan al-Mersoos ‎operation, the operation of  the solid ‎structure,  succeeded today in repelling Assad ‎terrorists and their allied militias’ attempts of ‎progress, preventing them from occupying ‎new ..
Orient Net 25-3-2017

18 civilians killed by Assad raids on Damascus’ Hamoriyya

At least 18 civilians were killed and tens were seriously injured after Assad terrorists conducted multiple deadly airstrikes on residential areas in the city of Hamoriyya in Damascus eastern countryside. "Tens ..
Orient Net 25-3-2017

New Assad military zones captured by opposition in Hama

Opposition fighters ‎are ‎still advancing ‎in ‎Hama ‎northern countryside through ‎their ‎announced ‎major ‎offensives ‎‎“W ‎Qel ‎Aemallo, Say: Work, ‎and ‎Fee Sabeel ‎Allah ‎Namedi, ‎We go in the ‎cause of ..
Orient Net 25-3-2017

Damascus: Shia militias reoccupy some opposition’s areas

Iranian mercenaries and Hezbollah terrorists ‎reoccupied many areas in eastern Damascus, ‎which opposition fighters took control of ‎them during their last offensive.‎ Orient Net learnt from field sources that the ‎Iranian ..
Orient Net - Agencies 25-3-2017

US Republicans pull legislation to overhaul US healthcare system

Some Republican members of the House voiced "profound disappointment" Friday (March 24) as President Donald Trump suffered a stunning political setback when Republican leaders pulled legislation to overhaul the US ..
Orient Net 25-3-2017

‎43 FSA detainees killed by ISIS in Daraa ‎since January ‎

The office of ‘Documentation of Martyrs’ in ‎Daraa disclosed on Friday that the Army of ‎Khalid Bin al-Waleed, ISIS-affiliated group, ‎killed at least 43 detainees of the Free Syrian ‎Army ..
Orient Net - Agencies 25-3-2017

British parliament has evidence for Gulenist role in coup attempt in Turkey

British parliament committee report indicating evidence that members of the Gulenist terror cult (FETO) took part in the July 15 failed coup attempt will be published soon, Al Jazeera reported ..
Orient Net24-3-2017

Assad regime besieges, detains thousands of Syrians - al-Hariri

The head of the Syrian opposition’s delegation to Geneva, Nasr al-Hariri, said on Friday (March 24) that the Assad regime and its allies were besieging hundreds of thousands of Syrians, ..