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Orient Net19-6-2018

De Mistura: More talks planned on Syria constitution

Senior officials from Iran, Russia and Turkey held “substantive” talks on Tuesday (June 19) on how Syria’s constitutional committee will be set up and will function, and more such talks ..
Orient Net19-6-2018

Yıldırım: Turkey will target YPG in Qamishli after Manbij

Turkey will target (PYD) and (YPG) in Ain al-Arab, Qamishli, and Hasake after operations are completed in Manbij, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said Monday (June 18). He said Turkey’s goal is ..
Orient Net19-6-2018

Iran says no plans to increase missile range

Iran has no plans to extend the range of its missiles since their 2,000-km (1,240-mile) reach is enough to protect the country, the Revolutionary Guards commander said on Tuesday (June ..
Orient Net19-6-2018

ISIS drug cache destroyed in southern Syria - Coalition

US-led coalition-supported forces destroyed an ISIS-owned cache of narcotic drugs in southern Syria, June 12, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported on Monday (June 18). The drugs, estimated ..
Orient Net19-6-2018

FSA fighters destroy Assad military vehicles in Daraa

Free Syrian Army (FSA) destroyed on Monday (June 18) a convoy of Assad sectarian militias on the road between Khirbet Ghazala town and Daraa city center. Most of the vehicles of ..
Orient Net19-6-2018

Geneva talks on Syrian constitution started

Representatives from Russia, Iran and Turkey are meeting in Geneva on Tuesday (June 19) to discuss the setting up of a constitutional committee tasked with drafting Syria’s new constitution. Members of ..
Orient Net19-6-2018

UNHCR: (6.3 million) refugees came from Syria

More than 68 million people were forced to flee their homes last year as a result of war, violence and other forms of persecution, according to a new report from ..
Orient Net19-6-2018

Iraq condemns strikes targeting forces fighting ISIS

Iraq on Tuesday (June 19) condemned air strikes targeting forces fighting ISIS in Iraq or Syria after Assad media said that US-led coalition aircraft had bombed Assad army position near ..
Orient Net19-6-2018

Citizens of war-torn countries in UAE granted ’one-year asylum’

Citizens of war-torn countries living in the UAE who have overstayed their visas will be allowed to remain in the Emirates for a year if they come forward, declare their ..
Orient Net18-6-2018

Deputy leader of Jaish al-Ahrar assassinated in Idlib

Unknown armed men assassinated the deputy leader of Jaish al-Ahrar in Idlib countryside on Monday (June 18). Khalil Ismail Arsan “Abu Ismail Jubas” was leaving the mosque at dawn when a ..