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Orient Net 27-4-2017

Russian frigate collides with cargo ship in ‎Black Sea

The Turkish Coast Guard said that its members rescued the whole 78-member crew of the Russian frigate in the Black Sea after the frigate collided with a cargo ship. A ship ..
Orient Net - Reuters 27-4-2017

UK could join US action in event of new Syria chemical attack

Britain would find it difficult to refuse a request for military assistance in Syria from the United States if President Donald Trump decided to take action against Bashar Assad over ..
Orient Net 27-4-2017

Ivanka Trump contradicts her father over Syrian refugees

Ivanka Trump the daughter of the president ‎of the United States said that the issue of ‎receiving Syrian refugees in the US is worth ‎considering, in a different position to ..
Orient Net 27-4-2017

Turkish Army bombs PKK-affiliated SDF in ‎Aleppo’s Efrin

During the past 24 hours, the Syrian-Turkish ‎border has witnessed an escalating military ‎tension between the Turkish Army and the ‎PKK-affiliated ’Syria Democratic Forces’ (SDF).‎ The Turkish Chief of Staff has ..
Orient Net27-4-2017

10 Iranian guards killed by resistance at Pakistani border

Ten Iranian border guards were killed on Wednesday by the Iranian resistance in a cross-border attack on the frontier with Pakistan, Tasnim news agency reported. "10 border guards of Mirjaveh County ..
Orient Net27-4-2017

Russian jets destroy hospital in Idlib’s Deir Sharqi

Warplanes of the Russian invasion carried out on Thursday airstrikes on Idlib southern countryside, rendering another hospital out of service. Orient News correspondent Mohamad al-Faisal said that Russian fighter jets targeted ..
Orient Net27-4-2017

Hezbollah, Iran present in Syria upon Assad’s request - Lavrov

Both Iran and Hezbollah are operating in Syria on Assad’s official request, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday. Speaking at a news conference in Moscow after talks with his ..
Orient Net27-4-2017

Damascus airport in flames caused by possible Israeli strike

A number of explosions were heard early on Thursday in the capital Damascus in what appears to be Israeli strikes on Assad regime’s or Hezbollah’s arms depots near Damascus International ..
Orient Net26-4-2017

Turkish journalist exposes US’ support of separatist PKK in Syria

A Turkish journalist, Ragip Soylu, published on Wednesday on his Twitter account a photograph of Sahin Cilo – the adopted son of Abdulla Ocalan, founder of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party ..
Orient Net26-4-2017

Opposition foils Assad terrorists’ attempt to occupy Damascus’ Qaboun

Opposition fighters foiled on Wednesday a new attempt by Assad terrorists and Iranian mercenaries to occupy new areas east of Damascus. Orient correspondent reported that opposition fighters clashed with Assad terrorists ..